Spring outstanding designers: Hot & fresh

Gareth Pugh showcase his new spring ’09 latest collections. Innovative, unique and the work of art

Love christophe Decardin at balmain. Very sexy, hot,  fresh, rock influenced basics

Giles Deacon inspired by elegant 50′s and retro style look

photo credit by: firstview


Good Energy House-sustainability better living show

I have to tell you that I had fun experiencing my first sustainability living expo in Northwest. The highlight was the set up for the good energy house! Getting to know more about living green is a good way for the future. What is exciting for me was learning that everything I use on a daily basis as an impact to the environment and small things add up quickly! Our choices are important and choosing the right light bulb to your choice of appliances makes a tremendous impact to the environment. Something else that caught my eye is the possibility that we can use solar energy as a heat source. Why do you want to go solar? By installing solar electric or solar water heating system is more affordable than you may think. Simply put, it’s a reliable energy while reducing your carbon footprint. cimg4548





cimg4541I really got hooked on the 360 vodka: an ecofriendly premium vodka. I’ve had a taste of an eco-tea-ni, a combination of 360 vodka, green tea and honey. Mmhh pretty yummy! The other one is Willamette Valley Vineyards wine- I have to tell you that I’m a big fan of local homegrown

wine. WVV is one of the finest Oregon pinot noir makers and I delight in drinking any glass of theirs.

Do check out kurisu garden showcase. I’ve had a chance to meet with the daughter of Kurisu himself, Kuniko kurisu.  This garden is incredible and breathe taking! It’s an amazing Japanese style design and more.

I was pretty bummed out the fact that I didn’t get to spend enough time with the SolarWorld company. There are so many people swarming around their booth and decided to just contact them myself. I am a big fan of the solarworld as a company and they are building the plant here in the Oregon. Way to go, SolarWorld!

Other exciting stuff to check out and get educated on my POV:

Kink 101.9FM

Oregon environmental council

City of Portland-your sustainability city

Great first event @ crushbar of Girls In Tech, Portland chapter

On Thursday night 3.26.09, we’ve had our launch event for Girls In Tech-Portland Chapter at the Crush Bar. It was a great turnout for our kickoff party! Everyone is super excited to come and mingle with fellow GIT members in PDX chapter. We’ve had food, drinks and as everyone enjoyed getting to know each other. There were attendees from Intel, HP, IBM, AT&T and more…

Congrats to the raffles winner: Carol, Helen, Anoop and Ashley! Happy shopping, guys!

The kickoff party was a beginning of our goal to educate/empower and engage all of the women in technology sector in the Silicon forest.

Special thanks to:

All of the attendees for coming to support GIT

BethS- wonderwoman aka the event coordinator for GIT

JonS – our paparazzi for the night aka photographer

Crystal-Support throughout our launch

Bartenders, waiters, DJ at Crushbar – Great drinks, foods, hospitality, music and ambience

Help spread the word to all of your friends of our presence here in Portland, Oregon. Be sure to join our local Portland chapter of GIT!


a look inside of Oregon Humane society

Yesterday, I had the privileged to spend a couple hours with a great lady, Jane, who’s the head of PR corporate relations manager for Oregon Humane society. Jane and I had a strong connection immediately as we started to chat. The passion and love for rescuing homeless animals.

Did you know that last year in 2008 OHS Adoption Rate:
– OHS adopted 3,523 dogs–98% of all dogs offered for adoption
– OHS adopted 4,811 cats– 94% of all cats offered for adoption
– OHS adopted 895 small animals–95% of all small animals offered for adoption – OHS adopted a total of 9,229 animals–96% of all animals at the shelter.

-13,000 volunteers each year to lend a helping hands at OHS

>300 plus of foster families ready to help any dogs who are in need of TLC

Its great how they’ve build amazing alliances with Local County of animal shelters to secure more dogs to be save. Most shelter could only pick up and keep dogs/cats for no more than 9 days. Which means, they most likely be euthanized. With the help of the communities, OHS is able to help save more animals each year.

So, please support the Oregon humane society. By donating, adopting, fostering, volunteering or registering to the Doggie Dash of 2009-PDX’s biggest party for pets and people on May 9th. 100% of your registration fee goes to the animals.dd_cap03_color


helping to sustain the economy now thesedays….

Citigroup gave Starbucks cards to Employees & “Some People Are Mad About It”

Come on! Giving employees free coffee is an excellent way to motivate employees in these tough times and there is the added economic upside. Instead of “cash” payout, citi actually “purchased” giftcards from Starbucks. This helps Starbucks by generating revenue and possibly making a profit. As a result, it helps to sustain the economy by keeping more retail locations open and securing jobs at Starbucks. One thing that they could’ve done would be just giving a reasonable amount of giftcards that would just equal to 50-100 cups?

USA today announced that unemployment surges to 7.6% and more than 11.6M of people were out of work last month. Everywhere you turn you hear “economy in the US going into depression”. The media exacerbates this by exploiting the news and claiming that we are in the worst economy to date. Most recently, I went to the mall and realized that there are still tons of people shopping and buying. It is true that the consumer is cutting back on “must haves” vs. “what’s good to have”. So, back to the article above regarding citigroup and starbucks, I wish other employers would do the same and boost the economy at the same time! So way to go for citigroup!

Spring/Summer trends 2009

Hot pink and coral- translation haute bright neon pink and vibrant orange

bold and glitter/shimmery eye shadows

anything Pale/neutral colors( beige)

Turquoise dresses and accesories

yellow anything

metallics accesories

Bold and vividly graphics patterns in black and white




fashion model robot: Made in japan

finally, the time has come… fashion model robot. Can we personalize her as well? developed by Japan’s national institute of Advanced industrial science and technology. She stands 5 feet and 95 lbs. She will make the catwalk debut @ tokyo fashion show. check her out: HRP-4C’s


Brand power and what is it mean to YOU

My husband and I love to travel, from a weekend getaway to out of the country travels. For me, it’s a way to rejuvenate and see the world is constantly changing. While traveling I enjoy taking snapshots and recently, while on a trip up North, I captured a picture of a Honda and a Safeway truck, two of the most recognized brands. While in New York City I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the Michelob beer ad in Times Square.



It’s interesting if you see the visual representation that connote the emotional aspects on Michelob. A couple is strolling down the beach. It’s definitely representing the emotional side of their brand communications.  To have the idea and imagination that you too should live life to the Ultra…enjoying and living to the fullest. What do all of this 3 brands(photos above) have in common? They have a strong brand story behind each of their company/logo ID/ad. An icon simply doesn’t tell the whole story. We are living in the age of less is more. Visual representation is as important as how you tell the story with words. All three examples tell a complete branded story telling experience that will hopefully becoming an attention grabber and will be forever in our memory. The study said the average American spent around 3,530 hours with media last year( newspaper, tv, billboard, internet etc….) Well, if you think that they will remember everything? Think again…. which of those really have the most powerful impact on them?

Well, the idea of creating brand story telling is vital…

What would your brand speak to? What kind of perception demonstrates what is important to your company?

Brand power is a lot more than just creating a simple mark of identity/logo, tagline or developing a creative look and feel. Yes, it is important to portray a distinctive yet effective message to the consumer regarding the overall package. The message needs to speak to you and your company as a whole. Your employee must speak and walk the brand attributes that you are communicating outwardly. So, basically inward is as important as outward. I’ve always share this piece of advice with all of my clients, the fact that you can’t build a brand in one day nor a month. It is simply about an evolvement of your company as a whole. Try to think outside the box of where you would like to be a few years from now( yes, I know its super hard when you are starting from scratch) but, it is important to have a refined projection of who you are as a brand. For example, Target as a whole, has done a great job creating a well known brand from nothing to something. If you enter their HQ building or speak to their employees. They are all have the same directions in term of branding and they are constantly evolving as a company. This influence is a paradigm shift. Target had done a great job as being nimble as a company. They are ready to build a lifestyle company that most consumers would have to live and breathe for. In short the must haves vs. should haves. If you need to buy necessities the first thing you think of is Target not because you wouldn’t be able to find the same exact things other places but Target has been the audiences first and foremost choice among the others. It is convenient and the one place that has variety which is convenient for shoppers.

So why is it so important to build a unique yet effective brand for yourself and your company? Simple answer…to be the leading trendsetter in your industry. Wouldn’t it be great to feel the power of a recognizing brand when people speak about YOU!

A day at the beach

for one thing that i know, maxie loves the water. She is definitely a beach girl. She loves to run around in the ocean.




cimg2169cimg2170can you tell that he was yelling…


cimg0948she would walk, jog and run for a long time to enjoy the beach on the sunny day



cannon beach