What’s the big idea?

I’ve been asked numerous times by clients, partners, marketers and other entrepreneurs if I could share some quick tips for marketing. I’ve learned that one of the biggest mistakes that companies or individuals make is to follow what others are doing. There are buzz terms thrown around all the time in marketing. But whatever marketing device you choose, whether it is digital, direct marketing, WOM, advertising, PR, sales promotion or another channel, it needs to support the big umbrella of your overall objective. And no, tweeting is not a strategy. It is simply another means of execution.

As a result, I’ve developed these quick 7 rules for Marketing 101. You may have heard some before, but all together, I hope you find something to ponder as you consider New Ideas for your business this New Year.

Rule #1: What’s your big idea? Don’t start with a distribution channel. Whether it is digital, traditional or direct, don’t think execution just yet! Start with your overall strategic idea/objective/goals.

Rule #2: Know your audience, please. It is so important!

Rule #3: You don’t have to do what’s “haute” right now! One size doesn’t fit all! You don’t need to follow what others are doing.

Rule #4: If you can’t measure then it’s a useless effort! Figure out what will make your effort a success ahead of time.

Rule #5: Don’t worry, be happy! Keep trying……never give up! Follow your heart, knowledge, wisdom and intuition.

Rule #6: Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Rule #7: Establish relationships with your customers. It’s about them and what interests your audience.

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