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Bio Logic aqua technologies is the global leader in advanced, all-natural water topical  hydrotherapies. Bio Logic Aqua’s product – Nature’s Tears EYEMIST – revitalizes the eyes by providing hydration that is free of chemicals, additives, allergens or preservatives.  The Eye Mist eases the most agitated eyes through a safe, non-invasive mist and Nature’s Mist Face of the water is the all-natural, all water skin moisturizer with proven beneficial absorption into the skin’s deepest layers. The Face Mist will not run down your make-up and is handy for all times of day.

Nature’s Tears participated in one of the sought after Fashion show of the Fine Art of fashion for The Art of Institute of Portland at the Pure Space last Saturday to benefit the creative arts scholarship. From the VIP guests, first 100 attendees, fashion enthusiasts, backstage makeup artists, models and media — all snatched the goody bags.

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Moisture for Life- “Mist yourself “was the perfect boost of hydration to the face and eyes during the night event.

“We love to make a difference in peoples lives. We know that Natures tears product help solved dry eyes, allergies and other environmental air polluted surrounds. The patented EyeMist contains 100% pure, all-natural PH-balanced water grade. This product has been immersed naturally through my everyday life, “ said Michal Connor, Investor of Bio-Logic Aqua and a well known actor.

Nature's Tears

Most recently, Nature’s Tears Eyemist was featured as one of the top product must have during summer by webcitygirl (top blogger, influential and editor). Check out the article here .

Check out the Press release !

To grab the product go to naturestears.com

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Fashion collaboration with a good cause: Ivo Lukas & Bryce Black

Finally, the fashion shirt is here! Limited Edition only! If you are interested in snatching one or two, pls email info@24Notion.tv

But for those who plans to attend this year Girls inc Fundraising Gala will get to snatch one on friday March 9th, 2012(first 200 customers only)

bryceheadshot ivofoto02Bryce Black (a fashion designer contestants from Project Runway season 9).  and Ivo Lukas (24Notion) are collaborating in designing fabulous fashion shirt together in effort to an amazing good cause for fundraising gala, Power of the Purse for Girls Inc. 100% of all sales of the shirt at the event goes to the Girls inc organization!

See recent blog post here

Fashion Finale_shirt_24Notion_bryceBlack IvoLukas_BryceBlack design

The Power of a Rule Breaker – Power of the Purse fundraising gala

As posted in Girlsincpop.com; article link

Screen shot 2012-03-02 at 9.49.22 AM

Guest Profile star: An interview with 24Notion Founder/CEO, Ivo Lukas

We are days away from our 7th Power of the Purse fundraising gala and we cannot wait! This year we are fortunate to collaborate with so many new companies and volunteers – and thus have some exciting surprises in store for the big night!

One such collaboration is with 24Notion, a local creative marketing agency and their founder Ivo Lukas. Not only

is Ivo a STRONG, SMART and BOLD girl in her own right, but her company embodies the same principles!  We are honored to be working with her this year. We recently caught up with her to find out more about what she does, and what she has in-store for Power of the Purse 2012.

What makes you excited about supporting Girls Inc. of NW Oregon? How did you get involved?
On behalf of 24Notion, we are super excited to be a part of Girls Inc. The Girls Inc. mission is something that is true to our heart, so it’s a natural match for us to support. To be strongsmart and bold are excellent qualities for any young woman to aspire to and believe in.

Women as leaders are under-represented in so many areas: in workplaces, at school, almost anywhere in society nowadays. Empowering young women to be leaders is so important to me. Self-esteem and confidence are such critical traits for young girls to have. In my work with other organizations I have seen many girls who needed that mentorship and guidance to be strong in mind and lifestyle. We got involved in Girls Inc. because we were connected with the board and executive levels from some of the non-profit organizations we’ve supported in the past. After chatting and connecting, it made sense for us to collaborate further.

In addition, philanthropy is very important to us as a company. Portland Business Journal ranked us #23 in the corporate philanthropic sector (CSR). Our CSR program allows us to give back to global and local communities every year, including some of the major charities/non-profit organizations. As a result, we are able to support Girls Inc as a whole.

Can you tell us a little bit about 24Notion and what you’ll be doing for Power of the Purse? 24Notion is a full-service global creative marketing, technology, communications and lifestyle agency that combines strategy with customized execution. We specialize in brand storytelling, interactive media and social influence, but we also have a broad understanding of the art of traditional marketing and communications, so we know how to connect a company’s brand with the right consumer. At our agency, we really help companies blur the line of advertising, public relations and marketing.

What’s unique about 24Notion? We don’t follow the traditional rules; we break all the rules to help our clients achieve their goals and business objectives. We have proven track record in doing so.

For the Power of the Purse, we will be supporting and creating a few ways to engage with the event, including video motion storytelling that will be showing at the event. Additionally, we will have a paparazzi photo booth for anyone who attends. So, dress up, look fabulous and famous and take a photo at our booth.

Last but not least, we are collaborating in designing a fashion t-shirt for Power of the Purse and Girls Inc. with Bryce Black (a fashion designer contestants from Project Runway season 9). Bryce Black and Ivo Lukas (24Notion) are collaborating in designing the fashion shirt together.

We’re so excited to have Bryce Black of Project Runway and 24Notion designing our t-shirts. What is it like working with him? How has the design process gone? 24Notion’s entertainment/fashion and lifestyle business has been growing in the last few years. This year we are working closely with Bryce Black and Bryce Black design on his brand creation, digital experience, social, business and fashion development and PR. For the Power of the Purse, weare collaborating closely on the fashion shirt brand look and feel from concept to print.

We love working with Bryce because he is not afraid to take risks. Not to mention how humble and positive he is. In this industry, we’ve seen a lot of competitive edges and really hard-to-serve attitudes in people. Bryce is the total opposite of that. It’s been an awesome experience to work together with him.

100% of the proceeds from the fashion t-shirt design will be donated to Girls Inc. organizations. The fashion shirt is a limited edition with only 200 in quantity. So, first come, first served. It will be available to purchase at the Power of the Purse event. Any remaining counts will be available through the Girls Inc. website or by phone.

To learn more about 24Notion, check out our website www.24Notion.tv, our blog 24notion.tv/blog Like us on Facebook and follow us @24Notion

We are excited to see everyone Power of the Purse on March 9th! Don’t forget to ‘like’ 24Notion on Facebook before or after the night of the event so you can tag your photo immediately.

ivofoto02 Ivo Lukas, CEO/Founder of 24Notion

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Happy New Year- Ring in 2012 with us

Welcome to 2012. We hope that you all enjoyed your holidays and had a wonderful and happy New Years celebration. We(@24Notion) definitely enjoyed our time off. We are happy to be back to get 2012 a head start!

We’ve done quite a milestone and accomplishment in 2011. One of the pivotal key on our milestone is the increase on our philanthropic effort. See release here Our total contribution in 2010-2011 rounded up to $186K( 20% increase from 2009-2010). btw, thanks to our rock star founder, Ivo Lukas, continued to support this cause.

This year, we will continue to branch out to make a difference in the global communities effort(charities/nonprofit organizations). Stay tuned for 2012 success story to come.

We’ve been busy on 2011, growing our agency as a whole. Check out our partial case studies(if you need to see full case studies, simply drop an email to: info@24Notion.tv).  Our branded entertainment & lifestyle effort has been growing tremendously(see below). From Fashion Week to American Country Awards; we’ve had a blast along the way(while giving back to the global charities). Simply put, our goal is to inspire one person at a time…

smbranded entertainment@24Notion

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Fit2print: Philanthrophic + Academic + Fashion

Last Saturday June 4, 2011 we’ve celebrated a successful 13th annual fashion show and silent auction brought to you by The Art Institute of Portland at Pure Space (in the Pearl District). This year’s theme is Fit2Print. This annual event is the institute’s largest annual fundraiser and benefits the Creative Arts Scholarship Fund. (A non-profit foundation that provides scholarships to students attending Art Institutes across the nation) Since 2002, more than $100,000 has been awarded in student scholarships thanks to the Creative Arts Scholarship Fund. This program has enabled students in a variety of disciplines at The Art Institute of Portland – including apparel design, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, web design, and design management – to pursue their educational goals and shine as they move forward on their career paths.

This year 24Notion is co-presenting/sponsoring the event for the 2nd consecutive year to celebrate and support philanthropic efforts in the education arena.  Additionally, We’ve selected  winner of 24Notion’s scholarship goes to Bryce Black. Bryce is receiving a complete complimentary consulting service total package valued of $4,500.



This year paper dress dedicated for 24Notion is quite awesome. The pleated top and skirt are handmade by the designers one by one to accumulate this fabulous, sophisticated, elegant and modern type of women(watch out DVF)


second from left: white bubble skirt and green pleated blouse



24Notion VIP guests enjoyed the premiere red carpet event includes a VIP cocktail reception, graphic inspired fashion designs, and a showcase of Senior Collections from AIPDX. Check out more photos on our Facebook.com/24Notion

To learn more about the event: http://www.thefineartoffashion.org/

To learn more about the Creative Arts Scholarship Fund: http://www.educationfdn.org/

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Memorable, Fashionable, Charitable and Meaningful Event: Fit2Print

girltwoJoin us this year’s Fashion Show and Silent Auction benefits the Creative Arts Scholarship Fund. 6.4.2011 at Pure Space. 24Notion is the proud sponsor for 2011 Fit2Print 13th annual fashion show and silent auction

Last night, we’ve had a sneak peek on 24Notion Paper dress, which is quite elegant, sophisticated, modern yet classy S/S 2011 RTW. It comes with the amazing clutch, ring and the whole ensemble. Check it out below!


Dozens of senior collections will be walking down the runway on June 4, 2011. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

24Notion is proud to support a great charity cause while making a difference in the global communities.

Winner of the Senior student collection of 2011 will receive a great prize package from 24Notion.

Be sure to ‘like’ us on our facebook.com/24Notion. we will be giving away 4 VIPs Front Row tickets to the lucky winners  for the event starting next week. So, be sure to check back daily!

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Check out more paper dress photos from Dress Rehearsal

Fashion Week 2010: Behind the scene, Portland Fashion Week

67522_484664909809_111352829809_6980629_125971_nLast Sunday closed with Ethos Paris, Pendleton, and Amelia Toro: collections with a cross-cultural and eco-sustainable touch. The Saturday night line up was dedicated to past project runways participants: Jay Sario, Seth Aaron, Jonathan Peters and Gordana. Seth Aaron’s(winner of project runway 7) collection was sponsored by Solar World. Also, congrats to Ms. Wood- winner of Emerging designer 2010

A special thanks to 24Notion’s team rockin’ it through months of behind the scenes preparation and implementation of the branding + marketing + digital presence for Portland Fashion Week. It was fab to see all the hard work compiled into 5 nights of fashion week. Press thanks to Eden Dawn of Portland Monthly for nightly coverage

The 24Notion team: Christine, Adriane, Jimmy, Kevin, Lindsay, Carly, Mark Coffin photography, Kirsten S, Chris, and Teri made it happen. We couldn’t have done it without you guys! Another year of success!!!

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To read our hashtag of Portland Fashion Week 2010 : #pdxfashionweek  @mssonicflare @24Notion

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