Powered by 24Notion: TAO Tech Awards 2014

24Notion is proud to present all media at the Technology Association of Oregon’s (TAO) Technology Awards. Check out our opening video here. We’ve had over 500+ tech enthusiasts flocked to the premier event. To learn more about this case study then drop us an email: info@24notion.tv

This premier event will be held at the Portland Art Museum beginning at 5pm on Thursday, April 24(sold out event). The night will be filled with a celebration of our state’s technology industry, featuring the prestigious awards for the Technology Executive of the Year.

We’ll reveal some awesome thematic live event and videos produced by the 24Notion team throughout the ceremony. Beyond the awards, the night will also include fun displays of past technology, cool products, and networking in a decked-out lounge designed by our team. We’re even bringing you live tweets from the event, so you can check out what’s going down from home. From design, to producing the night of memorable tech event, 24Notion got it covered! if you are attending then watch out for element of surprises.

TAO is a leading organization in our business community, and serves as a network for Oregon and Southwest Washington technology companies, thought leaders, investors, and more. TAO hosts over 70 events each year and believes strongly in the power of innovation to make change in our world. Since 24Notion also loves the great potential in innovation, this event has been a perfect match

Date:  Thursday, April 24th
Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205
5:00 – 9:00 PM | 5:00 AM Welcome Reception | 6:30 Dinner and Ceremony

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Newsflash: 24Notion Digital Marketing ReLaunch

On January 24th, we’ve just re-launched our new 24Notion. tv digital experience( phase I completed, now we’re heading to next phase).

New Experience

New Creativity

New Case studies

New Methodology

Don’t forget to drop us a note if you have any Qs: info@24notion.tv

24Notion launches LoveYourRiver.org: Interactive Social Good Campaign

24Notion, the Portland-based creative marketing and lifestyle agency, recently collaborated and partnered with the OEC to build and develop the social engagement campaign ‘Love Your River’, an OEC project that encourages Oregonians to help maintain the health of local rivers. 24Notion developed the holistic digital and interactive social engagement strategy and solution that resulted in ground up branding, design, and customized front and back end user-centric technology. 24Notion not only drove OEC’s overall social strategy campaign, but also cultivated OEC’s brand identity by creating and maintaining Love Your River’s socially conscious e-campaign. 24Notion’s mission to give back to the community through acts of corporate social responsibility resulted in donating over 38k plus in-kind services to help the success of this campaign. Check out press here


Success stories: (Portland metro area)

200 pledges within 3 days

988 unique visitors within 3 days

Spreading the word through social media: 1,700 Facebook fans, 1,460 Twitter followers and more than 150 individuals (first 3 days)who were the first to sign up to receive emails about the monthly challenge. We’re excited to see the Love Your River audience grow–and it’s already happening, thanks to two KATU news stories about the project and a PDX Green blog post about it.

willamete photo

Don’t forget to take the monthly challenge now and get an amazing prizes to win!LoveYourRiver.Org

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24Notion up close and personal: Owner and creator of 40notes perfume, Miriam Vareldzis

small2x1logo signatureYou said things that are aesthetically pleasing inspire you, how do you create a scent for something you have seen such as a painting or sunset?

My inspiration actually comes from the notes themselves.  Notes, fragrance essences, actually create images and feelings, as I smell them.  It has a very physiological effect, to smell these notes, and that can create imagery that is quite beautiful.  The creation comes from an inner inspiration.  Imagery and scent creation are very connected for me.

Do you plan to expand your company beyond perfume?  Candles?  Lotions?  Men’s cologne?

Yes. 40notes will naturally expand into other products. First, is the development of eau de Parfum Spray, based in organic alcohol (most likely organic grape alcohol).  A body lotion or other body veil may follow.  As far as men’s vs. women’s, the line already has two fragrances that men tend to purchase naturally (Oudwood Veil and Cashmere Musk). The fragrances aren’t based on notions of feminine or masculine, but rather on their own olfactory personality.  Anyone can be drawn or attracted to any scent profile.  Men even love the White Winter Flower, as its orange flower; extremely clean on skin.

What perfume do you wear, besides your own?

I have loved fragrance, perfume and smelling for as long as I can remember. There are fragrances that I own which are quite classic, (like Chanel 19 or YSL’s Rive Gauche), that I still enjoy. I love the original Hermes fragrances, particularly eau d’Orange Verte, parfum d’Hermes.  An older fashioned perfume that holds cherished memories for me is Je Reviens, by Worth; as my great aunt wore it with such panache.  There are little solid perfumes I found in Paris that I love to wear as well.  And an early teen favorite that has been reformulated: Skin Musk.  I simply open and smell the bottle, without needing to even wear it.  The pleasure is in the variety and the memories that are there for me with these scents.

If you could only smell one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is like asking if there were only one color, or one flavor… a thought I really don’t want to even entertain!  I love the freshness of citrus and the memories they hold; I love the clean yet warm edginess of green scents, and I love the warmth and sensuality of patchouli, woods, vetiver, and musk base notes.  This is my life, I couldn’t ever choose between these wonderful elements.

What would be your advice for someone trying to find a new scent for him or herself?

Pay close attention to how your body/mind/emotions feel when you wear a scent. This is the final barometer.  Spray the scent on blotter first, and live with it.  If you keep going back to it, then dab some on your upper arm, away from jewelry or leather watchbands. These contaminate a fragrance. If you then like it on your skin, and it makes you feel good, then it may be a scent for you.  Don’t be surprised if in time (months/years), you transition away from your particular scent to something else.  It’s natural to enjoy different perfumes in a lifetime.

How’s working with 24Notion on your complete business planning, strategic and Integrated marketing/PR brand presence?

I couldn’t be happier with my website and company branding. The process of working with Ivo has been a true collaboration. She has given me the space to be the creative person that I am, and simultaneously has guided me in the process of something that was her expertise.  From my brand images, photo shoots, web design and production, to press releases, she has been there the entire time as a calm and grounding professional.  She was able to ask the right questions of me, to get me to write the content to best reflect my vision, my product, and me.  I highly recommend Ivo and the 24Notion team as a fantastic, energetic, fresh and expert branding/marketing company!

Visit http://40notes.com/ to learn more about Miriam Vareldzis and 40notes perfume

24Notion is the proud creative marketing and lifestyle agency to build a complete ground up strategic, new business development, Marketing/PR and tactical digital presence for 40Notes. If you are interested in checking out 40Notes’ complete case study, drop us an email info@24notion.tv

24Notion up close and personal: Smooth Jazz Musician, Tom Grant

Screen shot 2010-11-22 at 3.47.36 PMTell me more about you as a smooth jazz artist?

I’m one of the original Smooth Jazz artists from the 1980’s.  Others are the late Grover Washington Jr., Larry Carlton, Dave Sanborn, Joe Sample…and many others.  I had some big records in the 80’s in that genre.

How would you describe your new cd, titled “Delicoso,” and where did the inspiration for the title come from?

It’s 13 all original new songs.  One is written by my friends Phil Baker and Shelly Rudolph.  All the rest are by me (one co-write also with Shelly).  The title is Spanish for ‘delicious’ but I didn’t know that at the time.  I thought we were making up a funny word.

What has been your favorite memory, as a musician, and why?

In the late 70’s I toured with some big jazz stars.  I was quite young and it was the thrill of a lifetime.  Tony Williams, Joe Henderson were the main ones.  We played some huge venues and met tons of interesting people.

Where do you find inspirations for new songs?

Many different ways.  Sometimes just playing the piano.  Sometimes when I see or listen to other artists.  Sometimes I just hear ideas in normal everyday activity…walking, resting, driving, walking my dog.

Would you say that your music style has changed over the years, and if so how?

I think my piano playing has become more focused, better articulated over the years.  My style in the songs I write has changed with the times…perhaps becoming more spare, not trying to be intricate but just going for overall beauty.

Can you tell me what we can look forward to seeing next form you?

I’m trying to put together some recording sessions in Brazil for my next project.  A lot of my music has a measure of Brazilian influence and I’d like to take that a step further.  I have someone in Brazil who is putting together a band for me and I hope to do this sometime in 2011.

Tell us more about your complete digital brand presence . Any testimonial working with our agency, 24Notion?

Working with 24Notion on my new website was a totally educational experience for me.  These guys are very contemporary in their outlook and their design values are artfully tasteful.  They are completely web savvy and were able to bring me full-on into the 21st century with their cool design.

My fans have expressed overwhelming approval:

“…this is the website you’ve been deserving all along…”   Debbie, Seattle

“…so happy for you.  This new site is awesome….”   Ravi, India

“…Dude…the new site rocks!…..Marcel, Paris

“….Tom…we love the new website….i’m so glad you’re blogging…”   Jan, San Francisco 

Visit http://tomgrant.com/ to learn more about Tom Grant, and listen to his music!

24Notion is the proud agency to build a complete ground up strategic and tactical digital marketing presence for Tom Grant. If you are interested in checking out Tom’s complete case study, drop us an email info@24notion.tv

Women at OSCON Luncheon Meetup

As promised, here are some pictures of the amazing Women of OSCON. The luncheon was a great union of O’Reilly and Girls in Tech, in gathering the women of OSCON and promoting a sense of community among all females in technology. Girls in Tech felt so welcomed by the OSCON women that came to the luncheon and look forward to keeping in touch! Thanks for all of your great insight and please remember to check out Ivo’s interview at OSCON:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W85zMSek_Uk
Ivo and Christine

Ivo and Christine

Women of OSCON

Women of OSCON

Great Luncheon!

Great Luncheon!

Awesome Turnout! Can't wait till next year!

Awesome Turnout! Can't wait till next year!

Thanks to Everyone from Girls in Tech!

Thanks to Everyone from Girls in Tech!