Powered by 24Notion: TAO Tech Awards 2014

24Notion is proud to present all media at the Technology Association of Oregon’s (TAO) Technology Awards. Check out our opening video here. We’ve had over 500+ tech enthusiasts flocked to the premier event. To learn more about this case study then drop us an email: info@24notion.tv

This premier event will be held at the Portland Art Museum beginning at 5pm on Thursday, April 24(sold out event). The night will be filled with a celebration of our state’s technology industry, featuring the prestigious awards for the Technology Executive of the Year.

We’ll reveal some awesome thematic live event and videos produced by the 24Notion team throughout the ceremony. Beyond the awards, the night will also include fun displays of past technology, cool products, and networking in a decked-out lounge designed by our team. We’re even bringing you live tweets from the event, so you can check out what’s going down from home. From design, to producing the night of memorable tech event, 24Notion got it covered! if you are attending then watch out for element of surprises.

TAO is a leading organization in our business community, and serves as a network for Oregon and Southwest Washington technology companies, thought leaders, investors, and more. TAO hosts over 70 events each year and believes strongly in the power of innovation to make change in our world. Since 24Notion also loves the great potential in innovation, this event has been a perfect match

Date:  Thursday, April 24th
Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205
5:00 – 9:00 PM | 5:00 AM Welcome Reception | 6:30 Dinner and Ceremony

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For more information about the event and our work with TAO, contact us at info@24Notion.tv.

24Notion Gets Interactive with SXSW and Needs Your Help

Each spring, Austin, Texas, is taken over by music, interactive, and film with the South By Southwest Festival.   This festival marks the pilgrimage of creative and accomplished folk to the pinnacle of idea sharing during discussions on today’s innovations within the arts and science.  Needless to say, 24Notion is a perfect fit for such a celebration.

Ivo Lukas and the 24Notion team have organized two panel discussions to scintillate your senses and have open conversations about hot topics in today’s entertainment and technology world.  However, we need your help!  Go to the homepage of SXSW PanelPicker 2013 and register to vote for the panels below:

The Future Industry of Music Entertainment


The world of branded music and entertainment is continually evolving and growing.  Looking back, there have been Napster and Myspace but now there is SoundCloud, Grooveshark, Pandora, and so much more.  This panel provides the unique opportunity of being able to look back at what music has done in the past, what is happening right now, and what needs and will be done in the future.


  • The changing relationship between the consumer and the artist
  • What is new and what is dead in music technology
  • The building metrics behind artists, music, and entertainment campaigns
  • Personal experiences from music leaders



Worldview: The Future of Storytelling


International communication within this digital world is developing rapidly.  Social connections are no longer confined to face-to-face interactions, but instead have grown in a very experimental way.  Whether you want to be engaged or not, the digital chatter exists 24 hours a day, seven days a week — how can we keep up?  How can we navigate within its constant growth?



  • How a global engagement will help support the future of communication
  • How we should continue to tell the story
  • How to find content, build and engage communities through a global worldview on digital communications, and tell the story



Awesome team at 24Notion + Awesome clients = successful SXSW

IMG04314-20120311-1113-Over 26,000(interactive) attended SXSW this year. We haven’t even added the film and music attendance just yet. We were looking for sunshine in Austin and finally got them! Yeehaaa

-Sunbathing between Hilton and the convention registration lounge was relaxing

IMG04329-20120311-1356-At StartUp America:  we were greeted by Kathleen Warner

-We get a chance to watched Jesse moderate the Good Morning Startup Village with Tony Hsieh of Zappos and others. Plus scored a free book!

-We hung out a couple times at the #alutrend lounge (alcatel lucent). Hey, we didn’t get to win the camera.  since I sucked in haiku creation…. oh well. Thanks for the amazing drinks/food throughout the day! shout out to the mohawk’s guy!

-The bar downstairs’ at Hilton has been our daily hangout to reconvene with our team to chill out

IMG04353-20120311-1531-24Notion team had a blast helping out our clients and succeeded over the 5 days period of SXSW: SXSW Music & Interactive (sessions/panel/events and in between campaigns pushed)

-Thanks to Webcitygirls, @Ponderful totally rocks it with our fab 1:1, Ivo Lukas’ interview @MsSonicFlare and to read article

Great list of our attended sessions/party and list of bands that we’ve seen:

-Startup Village sessions were good

-Convergence/future of work/emerging/social networks were must see attended

-Interactive opening party was fun

IMG04328-20120311-1351-Accelerating killer LatAm startups were insightful

IMG04303-20120311-1025-Digital sports session was a full house session

-Gaming/tech/design were quite ok as an overall theme

-Salon C on Sunday topic: Everybody’s a bloody entrepreneur or are they? @Gitweet united were awesome rockin’ panel! Thanks for everyone who came and supported us!

-Interactive + film fusion party/block party/ interactive awards pre-party presented by HP was a blast

-Music: Dry the River –shallow bed rocking in at spotify house

-Music: Charli XCX, Fiona apple, Jackmaster DJ, Santigold and Valerie Poxleitner were jammin’ it!

IMG04315-20120311-1114IMG04346-20120311-1511Who got our votes on the best lounge set up?

Samsung and Dell social media conversations digital wall

IMG04306-20120311-1032Check out winners of 2012 SXSW Interactive Awards

Get the most out of SXSW next year:

-Plan your week ahead of time

-Mingle /Network/hangout/drink booze/eat/repeat them!

-Go to (at least) 1 session/day

-Go to 1 event to party per night

-Don’t forget to download the apps to pre-plan your day/night!

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24Notion Sponsors 2010 OEN Tom Holce Awards

On Wednesday, Downtown Portland’s Hilton Hotel hosted this year’s OEN (Oregon Entrepreneur’s Network) Holce Award ceremony. The OEN Entrepreneurship Awards not only honors the skill and courage it takes for entrepreneurs to create a business out of an idea, but it celebrates what entrepreneurs have been able to achieve for the region’s economy. The prestigious honor of being a finalist comes with a highly competitive nomination process, which makes being named a finalist a significant achievement of its own. These entrepreneurs are inspiring and execute the success and vitality within our community. This year’s awards were especially moving, due to the recent passing of Tom Holce, Northwest business entrepreneur and angel investor who has built or helped to build dozens of successful Southwest Washington and Oregon businesses during the last 50+ years of his life. This ceremony paid special tribute to Tom Holce and his contribution to not only past and future businesses, but also to the art of entrepreneurship. One couldn’t help but feel the solidarity among all as honor was paid to Tom Holce and this year’s finalists.

24Notion was thrilled to be a patron sponsor of this year’s pivotal OEN Holce Awards and celebrates this year’s winners:

• Trust ID: Development Company Award
• Clear Access: Working Capital Company Award
• Smarsh: Growth Company Award
• Sohrab Vossoughi, Ziba Design: Individual Achievement Award
• Ken and Joan Austin, A-Dec: Lifetime Achievement Award

As a business that also began as a mere idea, 24Notion has supported and exemplified entrepreneurship since inception and has been a sponsor of OEN for two years in a row. This year 24Notion utilized creative media skills to generate the introductory video for the awards ceremony. The video celebrated entrepreneurship and highlighted past OEN Holce Award achievements. In addition, during the event the 24Notion media and PR team interviewed finalists, sponsors, guests, and OEN director and board members. Media footage of the pre-event and ceremony will be compiled for coming OEN promotions. Collaboration with OEN celebrates the power of entrepreneurship and pays respect to all those contributing to and supporting the region’s economy. Learn more about the OEN Holce Awards and 24Notion’s sponsorship at http://oenentrepreneurshipawards.org/.

From 24Notion’s team reporting live, look forward to video coverage of the OEN Holce Awards in the coming weeks! To learn more about 24Notion event coverage, videos, and pictures become a fan on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/24Notion. Join now to become eligible for Fall giveaways, sweepstakes, and prizes!







Interview: Belladonna Marie Collection by Jenny W


What is your design inspiration?

Woman! More specifically, the ocean – at least, for this collection.

Tell us more about Belladonna Marie collection

The SS2011 collection was inspired by the white foam of the ocean’s waves. So clean, so beautiful, so unique.  Using the white color as the backdrop, I incorporated silver, chocolate and varied blues of the ocean to make the garments stand out even more.

Tell us more about your background

I have been dabbling in fashion my entire life. Having an amazing seamstress as a mother, I began sewing at 10 years old.  Since then, I have designed everything from t-shirts to formal gowns.  I am finally launching my own collection and could not be happier!

Who is your audience?

My audience are women who want to feel unique and fashionable wherever they go. They appreciate classic, timeless garments and desire to stand out in a crowd.  Whether shopping, meeting friends for coffee, going to a formal dinner or event, they are the social butterflies whom all others are staring at.

Who is your favorite designer(s)?

I absolutely love classic designers like Ralph Lauren.  He is amazing.  Especially for having continued success for over 50 years, he is my style icon for a list of reasons. I also love Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karen and Anne Klein – they know how to dress women and keep looks timeless.

How would you describe your own style?

I am, without a doubt, a classic, leaning-towards-preppy woman.  I can rock any style, but one of my favorite looks is a conservative, above-the-knee dress that can be dressed up or down (like many in my collection).

Anything you wanted to share to the world? How about fun facts to know about Jenny W?

I have a daughter who will be 2 yrs. In August, so running my own company while being a stay-at-home mom, is challenging, to say the least. I am a world traveler.  I have been to 8 countries so far, and hope to visit every one, even the ones in warfare, before I die. I am usually very refined and sophisticated, but there is a crazy party animal that breaks out every once in awhile.

People watching is one of my favorite things. Without being too obvious or creepy, it is fun to try to figure out what people are talking about, or just making it up altogether.  Always a load of laughs! (When I was a little girl, my friends and I would mute the television and make up our own stories.  )

Whats next for you?

This summer we are going to be in Rock the Runway, on August 14th, the OC Thread Show on August 22nd, and hopefully PFW in October.

My plan is to be in every classy boutique on the west coast by next January.

Long term I aspire to be the next, classic American brand. I hope that when woman think timeless and fashionable, they think of Belladonna Marie.

It would be fun to show at New York, under those dreamed about white tents! After that…Paris and then who knows…I am going to ride the dream wherever it takes me.