Awesome team at 24Notion + Awesome clients = successful SXSW

IMG04314-20120311-1113-Over 26,000(interactive) attended SXSW this year. We haven’t even added the film and music attendance just yet. We were looking for sunshine in Austin and finally got them! Yeehaaa

-Sunbathing between Hilton and the convention registration lounge was relaxing

IMG04329-20120311-1356-At StartUp America:  we were greeted by Kathleen Warner

-We get a chance to watched Jesse moderate the Good Morning Startup Village with Tony Hsieh of Zappos and others. Plus scored a free book!

-We hung out a couple times at the #alutrend lounge (alcatel lucent). Hey, we didn’t get to win the camera.  since I sucked in haiku creation…. oh well. Thanks for the amazing drinks/food throughout the day! shout out to the mohawk’s guy!

-The bar downstairs’ at Hilton has been our daily hangout to reconvene with our team to chill out

IMG04353-20120311-1531-24Notion team had a blast helping out our clients and succeeded over the 5 days period of SXSW: SXSW Music & Interactive (sessions/panel/events and in between campaigns pushed)

-Thanks to Webcitygirls, @Ponderful totally rocks it with our fab 1:1, Ivo Lukas’ interview @MsSonicFlare and to read article

Great list of our attended sessions/party and list of bands that we’ve seen:

-Startup Village sessions were good

-Convergence/future of work/emerging/social networks were must see attended

-Interactive opening party was fun

IMG04328-20120311-1351-Accelerating killer LatAm startups were insightful

IMG04303-20120311-1025-Digital sports session was a full house session

-Gaming/tech/design were quite ok as an overall theme

-Salon C on Sunday topic: Everybody’s a bloody entrepreneur or are they? @Gitweet united were awesome rockin’ panel! Thanks for everyone who came and supported us!

-Interactive + film fusion party/block party/ interactive awards pre-party presented by HP was a blast

-Music: Dry the River –shallow bed rocking in at spotify house

-Music: Charli XCX, Fiona apple, Jackmaster DJ, Santigold and Valerie Poxleitner were jammin’ it!

IMG04315-20120311-1114IMG04346-20120311-1511Who got our votes on the best lounge set up?

Samsung and Dell social media conversations digital wall

IMG04306-20120311-1032Check out winners of 2012 SXSW Interactive Awards

Get the most out of SXSW next year:

-Plan your week ahead of time

-Mingle /Network/hangout/drink booze/eat/repeat them!

-Go to (at least) 1 session/day

-Go to 1 event to party per night

-Don’t forget to download the apps to pre-plan your day/night!

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Social Media up close and personal: Who’s who – 2morrowKnight

Social Media Chat 101: Who’s who in Social Media- series 1

Profile star: @2morrowknight

I’ve had an amazing time learning more about Sean, one of the rock star in the social media world. Check out what he has to say…

Screen shot 2012-02-15 at 9.10.22 AM

How do you get started in the social media world?

I have been involved in social media for years. But it wasn’t until I joined social media 2.0 in 2009 that I began to find my voice. I believe in embracing and representing the very best of what humanity has to offer. This means being happy for others’ achievements. Building success for myself without trying to hold someone else back. Making sure my work is informative, thought-provoking, and timeless. This is my voice, my signature, my mission.

I love all the major platforms in the social space – Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook,, GooglePlus – but Twitter is my favorite. The hashtags, the trending topics, the overall engagement, there has never been anything like it. The real time feedback I get from Indonesia, Ivory Coast or even Ireland is stunning. This is why the Huffington Post series I co-founded is called Twitter Powerhouses. In many ways, Twitter is the heartbeat of social media.

What’s your strategy on publishing content on the SoMe sector to gain more followers?

When I go to tweet-ups and meet social media friends in person, I’m always asked, “How do you maintain the hundreds of thousands of followers you have?” Well, I use Twitter lists and various applications to enhance the experience. Beyond that, I engage quite a bit. I know lots of people who use the word “engage”, but here is what I mean: I ask how someone is doing, say thank you, check up on people I haven’t seen in a while, inquire about someone’s project or complement their new avatar. I can’t reach out to everyone, but I make a strong effort to “speak” virtually as much as possible. As JD Andrews reminds us, “don’t just post, participate.”

Business, art, fashion, charity, travel, sustainability, photography, and humor strongly appeal to me, and I get a great deal of satisfaction from retweeting and sharing other’s content related to these topics. I don’t care if someone’s blog has 2 subscribers, or that person has 100 Twitter followers or 50 Facebook friends. If I like the content, I am going to share it. When you take this type of social media approach and share according to “content”, and not simply “status”, you’ll thrive even more. Guaranteed.

Any success story? or secret trade that you would like to share?

My success doesn’t come from any special ability. A lot of it is simply the result of hardwork and tireless networking at what I call “the intersection of preparation and opportunity.” So many have helped me along the way, friends and colleagues on six continents. This is why I love profiling people. It’s my way of giving back, as well as providing someone a platform on which to share their ideas, or life story. It’s a big beautiful world and I want to soak up and enjoy every empowering, inspiring minute it offers me.

You could follow Sean Gardner @2morrowknight and check out his bio

Q&A by Ivo Lukas @MsSonicFlare

24Notion launches Interactive Social Good Campaign

24Notion, the Portland-based creative marketing and lifestyle agency, recently collaborated and partnered with the OEC to build and develop the social engagement campaign ‘Love Your River’, an OEC project that encourages Oregonians to help maintain the health of local rivers. 24Notion developed the holistic digital and interactive social engagement strategy and solution that resulted in ground up branding, design, and customized front and back end user-centric technology. 24Notion not only drove OEC’s overall social strategy campaign, but also cultivated OEC’s brand identity by creating and maintaining Love Your River’s socially conscious e-campaign. 24Notion’s mission to give back to the community through acts of corporate social responsibility resulted in donating over 38k plus in-kind services to help the success of this campaign. Check out press here


Success stories: (Portland metro area)

200 pledges within 3 days

988 unique visitors within 3 days

Spreading the word through social media: 1,700 Facebook fans, 1,460 Twitter followers and more than 150 individuals (first 3 days)who were the first to sign up to receive emails about the monthly challenge. We’re excited to see the Love Your River audience grow–and it’s already happening, thanks to two KATU news stories about the project and a PDX Green blog post about it.

willamete photo

Don’t forget to take the monthly challenge now and get an amazing prizes to win!LoveYourRiver.Org

To learn more about our full service global creative marketing and lifestyle agency, pls contact

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24Notion up close and personal: Smooth Jazz Musician, Tom Grant

Screen shot 2010-11-22 at 3.47.36 PMTell me more about you as a smooth jazz artist?

I’m one of the original Smooth Jazz artists from the 1980’s.  Others are the late Grover Washington Jr., Larry Carlton, Dave Sanborn, Joe Sample…and many others.  I had some big records in the 80’s in that genre.

How would you describe your new cd, titled “Delicoso,” and where did the inspiration for the title come from?

It’s 13 all original new songs.  One is written by my friends Phil Baker and Shelly Rudolph.  All the rest are by me (one co-write also with Shelly).  The title is Spanish for ‘delicious’ but I didn’t know that at the time.  I thought we were making up a funny word.

What has been your favorite memory, as a musician, and why?

In the late 70’s I toured with some big jazz stars.  I was quite young and it was the thrill of a lifetime.  Tony Williams, Joe Henderson were the main ones.  We played some huge venues and met tons of interesting people.

Where do you find inspirations for new songs?

Many different ways.  Sometimes just playing the piano.  Sometimes when I see or listen to other artists.  Sometimes I just hear ideas in normal everyday activity…walking, resting, driving, walking my dog.

Would you say that your music style has changed over the years, and if so how?

I think my piano playing has become more focused, better articulated over the years.  My style in the songs I write has changed with the times…perhaps becoming more spare, not trying to be intricate but just going for overall beauty.

Can you tell me what we can look forward to seeing next form you?

I’m trying to put together some recording sessions in Brazil for my next project.  A lot of my music has a measure of Brazilian influence and I’d like to take that a step further.  I have someone in Brazil who is putting together a band for me and I hope to do this sometime in 2011.

Tell us more about your complete digital brand presence . Any testimonial working with our agency, 24Notion?

Working with 24Notion on my new website was a totally educational experience for me.  These guys are very contemporary in their outlook and their design values are artfully tasteful.  They are completely web savvy and were able to bring me full-on into the 21st century with their cool design.

My fans have expressed overwhelming approval:

“…this is the website you’ve been deserving all along…”   Debbie, Seattle

“…so happy for you.  This new site is awesome….”   Ravi, India

“…Dude…the new site rocks!…..Marcel, Paris

“….Tom…we love the new website….i’m so glad you’re blogging…”   Jan, San Francisco 

Visit to learn more about Tom Grant, and listen to his music!

24Notion is the proud agency to build a complete ground up strategic and tactical digital marketing presence for Tom Grant. If you are interested in checking out Tom’s complete case study, drop us an email

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