StartUp PDX challenge: 24Notion supports entrepreneurship community

24Notion is one of the proud sponsor for Startup PDX! The Portland Development Commission (PDC) opened applications Tuesday May 20 for the 2014 Startup PDX Challenge, an annual competition designed to connect startups to the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Portland, Oregon and assist the businesses for one year through their early stage growth. PDC is seeking diverse founding teams of for-profit startups with an ambition to scale to a national or international market. Six winners will receive a prize package valued at $50,000 which includes a $15,000 cash grant (no equity taken), free rent for one year, and free services and memberships.  Applications close June 23 and the six winners will start the program October 1, 2014.

Challenge winners will receive a package valued at $50,000 per company:

  • $15,000 working capital grant (no equity taken)
  • Free rent for one year
  • Free legal services
  • Free marketing and PR services
  • Free hiring and HR services
  • Free memberships and access to eight different organizations and programs that focus on entrepreneurs

Challenge merit finalists will receive a package valued at $4,000 per company:

  • Scholarship to entrepreneurship class at Small Business Development Center
  • Discounted rate at Forge Portland coworking space
  • Free memberships and access to seven different organizations and programs that focus on entrepreneurs

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Women Entrepreneurs: Pitch Your Idea

Tell your story and be bold is my motto.

As entrepreneurs, innovators, and simply ideators, you must keep pushing the envelope. Perseverance and creativity are the name of the game. A recent Wall Street Journal study and article, “Women Executives Make Venture-backed Companies More Successful,” finds that “Venture-backed companies that include females as senior executives are more likely to succeed than companies where only males are in charge.”

Whether you are bootstrapping or pitching to get VC/angel investors, you must keep in mind two things about your business pitch: keep your story simple and sweet. I’ve been asked lately about what the top “must haves” for women are when pitching their businesses and/or ideas. There have to be some formulas for success, right? As women in a male-dominated industry, we should be sharing these trade secrets with each other!

Do women pitch differently than men? What makes our style different from men? The answer would be there are no gender differences in pitching your idea to an investor. Bottom line: whether you are men or women, you must do your due diligence in understanding your product and services. Only then can you know how your VCs/audience will see or react to your pitch, and you can effectively make persuasive arguments to cater to them.

One thing to understand is that you will undoubtedly get the door shut in your face. In fact, I’ve chatted with one entrepreneur who said, “I’ve pitched to over 25 VCs and they all said no.” I would say to do your homework! Learn about who the VCs you’re pitching to are. One size doesn’t fit all! You must know who they are and if they’ll even give your business model a glance so that you can strategize. Lastly, never give up!

With that in mind, here are my top 5 must-haves.

How to Pitch Your Ideas


1. What is your idea? Explain and elaborate about your concept
2. Why will this idea work? Explain your inspiration and the data to back it up
3. Who are your competitors? Or is there a similar concept?
4. How would this idea make your consumer’s life easier over your competitors? The next question would be how you get your Return of Investment(ROI)–you have to explain the benefits!
5. When will this launch? Explain your launch milestones and strategy behind them

I would love to hear your stories of your successful pitches! Tell me about your top advice to all of the entrepreneurs out there who are ready to tell their story in the comment section.

Check out the full study here by Dow Jones VentureSource

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Women in Computing: Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?” is the theme of this year’s Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference #GHC12 on October 3-6, 2012 at the Baltimore Convention.

3,659 women, an increase of about 23% more people, flocked to Baltimore early this month to attend the GHC12. Attendees from 42 countries, 209 companies and about 1,505 are students from 345 academic institutions. The Top 5 colleges that support student participation include Harvey Mudd College, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Maryland Baltimore County, and Purdue University. TechWomen participants from all over the continent include: Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Palestinians, and much more

Nora Denzel opened the Keynote speech, “Women Engineers have the power to change the world!” @ndenzel #GHC12. Here are her top 5 takeaways for the attendees: Have a positive attitude, feel comfortable when you are not, act properly, control your career PR agent, and create your own board of people

- A few great sessions that I’ve had the privileged of attending were Mentoring: Nethope in partnership with Microsoft/Accenture developed Women TechConnect.

-”Sponsors or mentors” panel session: Here are alarming statistics for women on top; Status of women in leadership and barriers that women are still facing include:

  • 3.8% women as CEO’s of Fortune 500 (19 women only)
  • 16.1% women as Board of Directors of Fortune 500
  • 14.1 %women as Corporate Executive of Fortune 500

Challenges women face: unconscious stereotyping, lack of access to influential others, outdated work process and mindsets. What are the solutions and initiatives? Mentoring, leaders in up planning, succession planning, and high potential ID

-Intel hosted the women in color: underrepresented women in color. Had a blast attending the luncheon with all of the 200 fabulous women in color in one ballroom.

-In the afternoon, we’ve had Tech entrepreneurs Lab #TEL over 200+ attended the session and workshop. As part of the TEL committees, it was my privilege to help out the jam session. The ladies were paired up in a group of 10’s. The collaborations started 10 on each team. The team was tasked with creating an ideation based on solving the problems of one of the categories provided or choosing their own idea buckets. They were to deliver the pitch in 60 seconds, telling us the how and why: check out my top 5 must haves to pitch-rules of thumb(see photo below). Great ideas across! There is an app that tracks geographic location for students who walk to their car, dormitory, or nearby locations for their destination at night.

Last but not least, our panel discussion on how to optimize job searches was a full house. Ladies and gentlemen of all age groups came to hear the sessions. Take aways: Create an online brand presence for you, Do research on the company that you are meeting, Maximize/strategize your top companies to meet, elevate your elevator pitch, and last but not least, do stand outs from the crowd.

Last but not least: Career fair for students are awesome.  Companies from Expedia, Apple, Yahoo, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Dropbox, Salesforce, and many more. See full list here

Are we there yet? Almost… Let’s keep it going, ladies! To learn more about ABI, check out their site. See you next year in MSP!

Destination Opportunity: OEN Venture NW 2011

VNW_Applestore_IconEmailLrgAnother successful OEN Venture Northwest this week.  Businesses that have presented at OEN’s Venture Northwest have raised over $1,564,490,000 in venture capital since 1996 and $98,546,000 in angel investment (Not all Northwest businesses that presented had investments reported in Venture Source).

24Notion is the proud Patron sponsored for OEN’s Venture NW 2011. Check out the digital event site developed by 24Notion. This year’s theme: “Destination Opportunity” means Navigate northwest to find treasure at OEN’s Venture Northwest. Ten great investment opportunities are waiting for you. Attendees flocked to Venture NW include brilliant business leaders about trends in social media and mobile computing, as well as some leading venture firms are plotting their course to the Northwest to find real treasures.

MotoCyzysz was selected as the People’s Choice Winner of OEN’s Venture NW 2011. The other presenting companies are Meridian, The Clymb, Pacific Light Technologies, Cloudability, Avado, 4-Tell, OpenSesame, Night & Day Studios, and Northwest Analytics.

MotoCzysz introduces the D1g1tal Dr1ve D1, the world’s first fully integrated electric drive system to power the cars of tomorrow. The patent pending D1G1TAL DR1VE achieves an unmatched level of integration never before available, making it the simplest and most complete electric drive solution for any company manufacturing electric vehicles. Quoted by popular science magazine in October 2010: “the most advanced electric motorcycle in the world”.

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Angel Oregon 2011: The rise of Pacifc NW Entrepreneurs, Investors and where innovation starts here

IMG02123-20110316-1145 IMG02125-20110316-1241IMG02126-20110316-1529

On March 16, 2o11 more than 300 people( investors, entrepreneurs and other influential peeps) gathered at the governor hotels. 24Notion were there to take part of the celebration on the day of Angel Oregon 2011. We are the proud patron sponsored for OEN AO 2011 again this year. The room is filled with many entrepreneur enthusiasts but short on women attendance. The ratio 85% of male dominance and 15% women says it all where we need more Women entrepreneurs to take part of this day. Glad that Soothie suckers( women launched start up concept) won as the concept stage winner.

here are list of winners of the AO 2011:

OpenSesame (Launch Stage Winner) and Soothie Suckers (Concept Stage Winner) emerged as the victors at OEN’s Angel Oregon 2011. OpenSesame will receive the $185,000 Launch Stage Company Award and Soothie Suckers Wins $25,000 Concept Stage Company Award.

4-Tell and Preciva were awarded OEN’s Angel Oregon Peoples’ Choice Awards among the Launch Stage and Concept Stage categories respectively in voting by more than 300 people who attended the competition.

Launch Stage company winner OpenSesame is an online marketplace that makes purchasing an e-learning course as easy as downloading a song from iTunes. Winner of the Concept Stage award Soothie Suckers, LLC makes all-natural, herbal, freezable remedies to mainstream consumers.

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OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Award 2010


The OEN Tom Holce Awards Entrepreneurship Awards are coming up on Wednesday, September 22. This is OEN’s most high-profile event of the year. It’s an evening of celebrating excellence in entrepreneurship, and attracts about 800 attendees. The event is open to rockstar entrepreneurs, undiscovered up-and-comers, investors and networkers alike.

For 2 consecutive years, 24Notion is the proud Patron sponsors of the award show. Be sure to get your tix right away before its sold out!

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